Stylishly Surviving Winter

For those of you who live in Georgia or watch the news, Georgia was hit with a few inches of snow the past few days and for us native Georgians it was like Christmas. Not only did we get a snow day, free from school, work and adult obligations but our usually bare Georgia scenery was covered in a blanket of wintery goodness. But alas all good things must come to an end. Though the snow is leaving the cold temperatures are not and many of you (myself included) are a little over winter. Your winter clothes have lost their appeal and the struggle to stay warm while being stylish is beginning to become frustrating. But since we still have a little while before we can officially whip out our Spring dresses here are a few of my tips to help keep you going through the cold temperatures in style.

Look 2

(Cardigan, Tee, Leather Pants, Booties, Turban, Purse)

1. Layers are your best friend…. Make it easy to strip down your outfit according to the fluctuating temperatures of the day.

Look 3

(Hooded Scarf, Felt Hat, Bad Hair Day Beanie, Spiked Necklace, Bird Necklace, Studded Scarf)

2. Spend on Accessories. I know I am not in the mood to buy more winter clothes but I will admit I have hit a stylist’s block when it comes to creating new outfits. So instead I’ve purchased a few new accessories (fun scarf, great statement necklace, funky hat). Accessories are cheap and they can easily update an already worn outfit.

Look 1

(Hat, Sweater, Dress, Necklace, Boots)

3. Bring Spring to Winter. Great way to widen your Winter wardrobe is to include your spring pieces as well. Try winterizing a great spring dress by layering a sweater over it, chunky tights and/or socks with a great pair of boots.

Become Inspired

Part of my New Years mantra is to become inspired daily. While looking back on 2013 I came to realize that most days I found it hard to work on the blog or be creative, mainly because I was uninspired. So in order to live out a more creative, productive 2014 I want to keep myself constantly inspired. And I thought why not inspire you as well! So I’ve decided to create a post in which I provide y’all (sorry I did grow up in the south) with weekly inspiration. Hopefully it helps you find the desire to create, dream or seek new adventures.

Image{J. Law couldn’t of said it better}


{Sometimes the best style is effortless}


{Never stop looking}


{Mix and Match}


{The future belongs to you}

New Year, Time for a New You!

The end of 2013 meant you could say goodbye to the failed friendships, loves, and outfit choices to say hello to a fresh new year of possibilities. Each year I try to choose a goal or two that will be my focus for the New Year: work out more, eat healthy, learn to play guitar…. You get the idea. And every year somewhere down the road I give up or forget or just realize I love junk food. So instead of setting myself up for failure I decided to come up with a guide that will help focus the way in which I live out 2014.

ImageI want 2014 to be a year of firsts, a year of beauty, inspirations, creativity, excitement, and adventures.

So here’s to a New Year…. How will you be living it?


Gypsy Heart

DSC_0547 copy
(Top, Skirt, Booties)

There is nothing I love more than leather. And when I saw this leather skirt I new it must be added to my wardrobe. I love the edginess of the exposed front zipper and the asymmetrical style. This skirt is great for dressing up but I love to dress it down with a great shirt. This shirt is probably my favorite shirt in my closet. If you haven’t heard of or seen the t-shirt brand Buy Me Brunch well let me welcome you to your new addiction. The shirts are fun, quirky and statement making, not to mention incredibly comfy. So how do you wear your leather?

Gypsy 2 DSC_0542 copy Gypsy 1

And a Pop of Red

DSC_0429 copy (Similar Vest, Similar Dress, Similar Purse Purse, Booties, Vintage Necklace, Cuff, Vintage Tag Bracelet)

Living in GA the temperatures are always fluctuating. One day we are feeling the crisp cool temperatures of fall and other days it feels like its summer. This look is a little delayed as it’s from a few weeks ago but I still love it. It’s looked great with a jean jacket and scarf for those cooler days. What I love most about this look are the little pieces. The necklace though dainty is quirky and statement making in itself. My “Sophia” tag bracelet is a bracelet I’ve had for as long as I can remember and brings along with it sentimental value. And the purse was not only a steal (originally over $100 got it for $45. Thank you TJ MAXX) but it also has skulls on it!!!!!! (and I love skulls).

Red 2 DSC_0449 copy Red 1 DSC_0432 copy DSC_0443 copy

Fringe With Benefits

DSC_0609 copy(Top, Flying Tomato Shorts, Booties)

If you can’t tell already, There’s nothing more I love than fringe (except maybe leather but it’s a close tie). You put fringe on anything and I’m likely to buy it. This shirt has been on roation in my wardrobe lately. I’ve worn it with a leather skirt, leather leggings, denim cutoffs but my favorite look is probably this one. And since cold weather is around the corner I figured I’d rock it one last time.

Finge Look 1 DSC_0561 copy Fringe Look 2 DSC_0560 copy

DIY Ombre Art

OMbre Looks

Ombre has been taking over the world in full force. We can see it in our clothes, in accessories, in our hair and even in our homes. I myself have allowed it to take over my closet and my hair (yes I’m obsessed with ombre locks). Now I’m giving it a place in my apartment. I’ve been eyeing ombre wall art for a few months now but wasn’t willing to doll out the big dough to get it so I started searching for a budget friendly way. I stumbled upon a few DIY ombre wall art ideas before coming up with this idea. The best part is the two pieces cost me a total of 20 dollars to make.


> 2 Canvases (I bought mine at Micheals when they were on sale for buy one get one. So keep a look out for when they go on sale.)

> 3 similar colors (One dark, one medium, one light)

>White paint (To help lighten the other colors)

>Paint Brush



1. Start with your darkest color and create one thick line. It doesn’t have to be perfect line. The rougher the strokes the better. I allowed white at the top and the bottom so you could see the brush strokes. The rough strokes add for a more abstract look.

2. Next add a little white to the darkest shade and mix together. Create a thick line right next to your first line overlapping it a little.

3. Repeat the previous step adding a little more white.

4. Next add in the medium shade into the previous mixture. Layer another line on your canvas.

5. Continue these steps gradually getting lighter and finishing with your lightest color.

I chose to do two canvases that go from light to dark to light. But you could go straight across dark to light depending on what your going for. You could also switch the lines from vertical to horizontal.